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"Five Nines" or 99.999% reliability is totally possible.

It takes a lot of commitment and realistic planning to provide a "system" that will keep you "On-Line" or "On-The-Air" for that amount of time.

The BiG i has designed and deployed Broadcast Automation Systems that meet this criteria including studios, transmitter sites, and data centers.

A comparison of reliability:

Downtime per YEAR
99.9999 %  

32 seconds

99.999 %   5 minutes, 15 seconds **
99.99 %   52 minutes, 36 seconds **
99.95 %   4 hours, 23 minutes *
99.9 %   8 hours, 46 minutes *
99.5 %   1 day, 19 hours, 48 minutes  
99 %   3 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes  

** For most Broadcast Facilities, this is the goal. The BiG i can help you get there!
*   For a lot of companies this service level is totally acceptable. For example, even large internet servcie providers realize that 99.9 % up-time to the average residential customer is totally acceptable. If your connection to the internet goes down for a few hours, two or three times per year most people will work around it. Telephone companies however, are held to a much higher standard as E911 services MUST ALWAYS WORK.

Reaching "Five-Nines" reliability, involves integrating "triple redundacy" into a system.
As an example: (i) Redundant power supplies in each Computer, (ii) Individual UPSs for each Computer, (iii) a UPS for each "room" and (iv) a generator for providing back-up power should the utility power be out for more than 60 seconds. Additionally, Hot Stand-by routers and sometimes secondary data paths (secondary cable runs) are deployed to keep you On-Line in the event a cable gets cut. The A/C system that you have to cool your data-centers is also redundant.

All these systems MUST have proper Preventative Maintenance schedules in place.

To learn how The BiG i can help improve your current system's level of reliablity and availablity, please contact us.




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